The Wizard of Oz – Book vs Movie

We are reading The Wizard of Oz. Today we finished chapter 10 and last night Mr. Fox got the movie from the library so we decided to watch up to where we are in the book. It’s quite interesting the differences the kids and I have noticed:

Book – Movie

* Toto runs under the bed in the book, doesn’t in the movie
* She chases Toto in the book, thereby missing the chance to get in the cellar – she can’t get the doors open
* during the twister, D goes to sleep in the book – gets knocked out in the movie
* Scarecrow; she picks him up off the pole – she bends the nail to get him off
* the encounter with the apple trees doesn’t happen in the book (at least not in the first 10 chapters)
* Tinman groans – they find his can when looking for an apple
* you don’t see or hear mention of the wicked witch until they get to Oz – you see her in the beginning and again along the trip, right after they find the Tin Woodman
* the poppies’ smell is poisonous – the witch poisons the flowers to kill D and crew
* after D falls asleep in the poppies the scarecrow and tin man carry her and Toto to safety. Then the field mice queen calls her subjects and they use a truck built by the Tin Woodman to pull the lion to safety — in the movie the Good witch makes it snow and that wakes D
* all the people in Oz have green skin – not so in the movie
* no color-changing horse in the book
* Oz says to sleep in the palace and see him in the morning – he tells them to go away
* D sees Oz alone – in the movie they all see him together

Other Questions:

Where does the RED brick road go?
Why is the wizard of OZ also named OZ?