What Do You Really Need for Your Newborn?

A sweet, wonderful friend of mine is FINALLY pregnant after trying for years and I am so excited I keep squealing! So, when she asked me to tell her what I think she truly needs to get vs what’s just nice to have I figured it’d be easier to blog about it. :)

I have to say the #1 thing you need is a carrier – pouches and Moby’s are best for the first 6 months or so and then I usually switch to a Mei Tai and loved the Angel Pack for putting them on my back.

You need a comfy place to nurse, whether that’s an armchair, rocking chair, glider or lazy boy. I prefered the gliders, they rocked more smoothly and were quite comfy (get one with padded arms).

A boppy – it’s just awesome and so stinkin’ helpful for nursing!

A miracle blanket. Babies need to be swaddled – they’ve spent 9 months being swaddled in the womb and it takes them to a happy place. It also makes nursing 100x easier and they sleep better because they can’t smack/scratch/poke/punch themselves in the face. :)

A convertible carseat – skip the bulky, uncomfortable, waste-of-money bucket/infant seat. When you take baby out of the car, put him/her straight into your carrier and do your back a favor!! No one should lug those bulky, heavy seats around, especially a woman who just gave birth!

Cloth diapers – safer for your baby (chemical-free), better for the earth and SO much easier on your bank account. :)

I couldn’t have lived without a swing, my babies LOVED them. But some babies don’t. I recommend getting one that plugs in AND will swing both ways (side to side, and front to back).

Nursing pads. Leaks abound when you’re nursing.

Things to skip:

diaper genie (esp not needed if you cloth diaper)
wipe warmer (if it’s really that cold, rub it between your hands first, the diaper changes are unpleasant for baby no matter the temp. of the wipe)


nursing tops – I found that cami’s were perfect to wear under regular shirts, they stretch nicely and cover your tummy.

breast pump – unless you’re going back to work they’re really not necessary, but having at least a hand pump is a good thing.

Crib – we cosleep so cribs were just a waste of space for us. I did use a side-positioner that held the baby on their side to sleep. However, I realize most people buy a crib.

Co-sleeper – I never used one, my babies slept in our bed, between us or between me and the wall but I’m hearing from other moms that they are great to have.

Valentine’s Day


Kids this morning opening their Vday gifts. While editing this photo I realized how well it captures their personalities. R3 is almost always happy-go-lucky, R2 is torrential and R1 is not paying attention. ROFL!

We had a LONG, busy, fun day. We made more Valentine’s this morning and then we hit the park at noon with our HS group for lots of sugar, red dye and swapping Valentine’s.

We ate and played and played and ate. I got to see my friends and the kids got to see theirs. The weather was BEAUTIFUL!

At 2:30 we headed to the Nursing Home for their Valentine’s party to hand out our valentine’s and balloons. It was the first time I have done something like this with the kids, even though I’ve been wanting to for a while.

It was the cutest little ceremony, they crowned King and Queen of each wing of the Home. The people there loved the kids and R3 was a huge hit.

My poor sensitive R2, though, bless her heart. There is a sweet lady there, S, who LOVES little girls. I don’t know specifics but S seems to be very childlike – she was so cute! She snatched R2 up and loved on her like she was a baby doll. She beamed ear to ear while turning to her friends and saying, “Look! Look!!” My R2, for those of you who don’t know her well is NOT one to warm up quickly to anyone. She is very discerning and very slow to allow anyone near, and it takes a while to even get her to speak to someone, much less touch them!

I felt SO bad for her, this lady would NOT let go. I knelt down by R2 and just whispered in her ear that it was ok, that I was there and that this lady just really thought she was awesome.

Poor R2, she didn’t know what to think!

We stood at the door as the residents went back to their rooms and R1 and R3 handed them candy to take back with them. They all loved the kids so much. I’m so glad we went.

There was one lady there who had a baby doll with her the whole time and as we were leaving we saw her and R3 asked her why she had a baby doll. Then she proceeded to tell her ALL about her own baby doll. She strode down the halls waving bye to everyone and just being adorable and friendly.

I think it was a good experience for the kids. It was for me.