The Wizard of Oz – Book vs Movie

We are reading The Wizard of Oz. Today we finished chapter 10 and last night Mr. Fox got the movie from the library so we decided to watch up to where we are in the book. It’s quite interesting the differences the kids and I have noticed:

Book – Movie

* Toto runs under the bed in the book, doesn’t in the movie
* She chases Toto in the book, thereby missing the chance to get in the cellar – she can’t get the doors open
* during the twister, D goes to sleep in the book – gets knocked out in the movie
* Scarecrow; she picks him up off the pole – she bends the nail to get him off
* the encounter with the apple trees doesn’t happen in the book (at least not in the first 10 chapters)
* Tinman groans – they find his can when looking for an apple
* you don’t see or hear mention of the wicked witch until they get to Oz – you see her in the beginning and again along the trip, right after they find the Tin Woodman
* the poppies’ smell is poisonous – the witch poisons the flowers to kill D and crew
* after D falls asleep in the poppies the scarecrow and tin man carry her and Toto to safety. Then the field mice queen calls her subjects and they use a truck built by the Tin Woodman to pull the lion to safety — in the movie the Good witch makes it snow and that wakes D
* all the people in Oz have green skin – not so in the movie
* no color-changing horse in the book
* Oz says to sleep in the palace and see him in the morning – he tells them to go away
* D sees Oz alone – in the movie they all see him together

Other Questions:

Where does the RED brick road go?
Why is the wizard of OZ also named OZ?

Just Once…

I’d like them to make a movie that’s actually appropriate for my kids to watch.

I Wanted to take the kids to see Winnie the Pooh, but we missed it at the $ theater. :( So what IS playing? Zookeeper and Mr. Popper’s Penguins, which I happen to be reading to the kids every night (we are on chapter 8). So I look them up. WHY must they make such nasty movies for KIDS?? I know they’re rated PG but COME ON!!

Zookeeper, just a few of the really bad things, there’s much more:

Bears, for instance, tell Griffin how important it is to walk around with one’s crotch (referred to several times as a “pudding cup”) thrust forward. “Show ‘em the goods!” they say. A wolf advocates turning every date into a “home game” by marking territory with urine.

A bear brags about how his own paramour has an extra claw “and she knows how to use it.” Someone makes a crass reference to breasts.

Griffin and a co-worker have so much destructive fun at a wedding reception that they jokingly mull making a career out of it; Griffin further suggests they knock off a convenience store. (They don’t.)

Characters say “h‑‑‑” four times and misuse God’s name nearly a dozen. We also hear a few curse word stand-ins such as “frick,” freak” and “jeez.”

One bear suggests to another that he’s been defecating in the drinking water. “You said that was vitamin drops!” the other bear exclaims. There’s a reference to a “hot stinking pile,” accompanied by a great deal of talk about urination, defecation and boogers. A wolf is caught licking his private parts. “I certainly wasn’t cleaning my basement,” he says.

This summertime slip-up of a flick, which carries the brand of Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison Productions (Sandler himself voices the astoundingly annoying Donald the Monkey), is a kids’ movie only in the sense that it’s childish and juvenile. And it’s only a comedy in the sense that it’s kinda funny that anyone thought this was a good idea for a movie.

Now we haven’t finished Mr. Popper’s Penguins, but being 1/3 of the way through it I just can’t see that it’s going to end up being ANYthing like this movie. In the book the main characters are married and have two kids. It sounds like, in the movie, the parents are estranged. Hmm, maybe just read the synopsis of the movie and then of the book and we can all wonder together WHY IN THE HELL they had to take a wholesome story and EFF it all up so I have to tell my kids they can’t watch it after reading the book.

Tom refers to an older man’s energy as “viagratality,” a winking reference to sex and the little blue pill. He also uses the word “sexy” and quotes Beyoncé’s song “Single Ladies.” When talking of single women, Tom tells Janie that Martha Stewart is a powerful woman who sleeps with her dogs (which is just vague enough to earn a tentative double entendre warning). In a cold room, Tom indirectly refers to his erect nipples. Gonorrhea comes up in conversation when Tom and Amanda pretend to be infectious disease experts.

Janie asks what to do when unrequited love hits hard and a boy kisses someone else. As they mend fences, Tom and Amanda—who already has a new boyfriend—flirt. Lovey is just that, and it’s said that he fathers several chicks.

The s-word, almost used in reference to the penguins’ poop, isn’t fully said. “Freakin'” stands in for the more obscene word once or twice, and there are a couple of incomplete exclamations of “what the …?” We clearly hear one each of “h‑‑‑” and “d‑‑n” in song lyrics played during the closing credits. God’s name is misused around 10 times. Tom calls his ex-wife a “buzz kill” in front of their children.

Tom’s neighbor rightfully complains about the mess and noise of penguins, but to no avail because Tom tends to think laws or even the need for common courtesies don’t apply to him. Some of his business deals are shady. And his attitudes can be seen coming from his kids, too. Janie, in particular, can be pretty disrespectful to her dad.

Long-time fans of Richard and Florence Atwater’s Mr. Popper’s Penguins, the 1939 Newberry Honor book, might think the many liberties this contemporary film adaptation takes with a much-treasured story are about as appealing as eating raw sardines. And, it’s true, the movie version certainly won’t go down in box office history as an award-winning must-see.

I’m just so irritated and tired of it. Why can’t they just make a GOOD movie for my kids that’s not Pooh?

We Shut Down the Playground

So I loaded the kids up today and headed to the Rave for their free family movie, Hotel for Dogs. I was doing good, out of the house by 9 and even with getting gas and swinging by Mr. Fox’s work to pick up the CFA coupons we were on time, early even.

But when we pulled into the parking lot and I saw THREE school buses and 1,000 people (ok, maybe not a 1,000) standing at the doors I had a mild anxiety attack. And all of a sudden I So I called Mr. Fox and asked him what kids movies were playing at the $ theater. We could choose between Marmaduke and How to Train Your Dragon (which R1 had already seen but had coincidentally asked Mr. Fox this morning to take him to see it again). So HTTYD it was. But it didn’t start until 12:30 and it was currently 9:45.

So I called Seester and asked her if she and the girls wanted to meet us at CFA for an early lunch (since we didn’t eat breakfast – hey, I was out of the house at 9, I can’t do everything!) and play. She said sure and that she would take R3 home for a nap if I would take Chewy Butt with us to the movies.

So we meet, the kids play, we eat and play some more, the kids make new friends and start a game of Duck, Duck, Goose and then R3 forgets that she’s potty-trained and pees inside the play structure. We SHUT IT DOWN. Yeah, good times.

So we left for the movie and Seester took the littles back to her place to eat ice cream and nap (in that order). :)

The movie was great, we all enjoyed it. Will definitely buy it on DVD.

24 Hours Sans Kids

My lovely, wonderful, sweet sister came over Saturday at noon so that Mr. Fox and I could leave for 24 whole hours!!

First he dropped me off at a friend’s house so I could mingle with some other moms and pick up my share of the preschool craft coop we did. He picked me up and we headed to the movies. Inception was one of the most original movies we’ve seen in a while. I was thoroughly hacked off at the ambiguous ending (I like happy endings, what can I say?) but other than that I really enjoyed it.

Then we headed to dinner at Taziki’s for the first time ever and were delighted by yummy food and super-fast service. We enjoyed our dinner and sat talking for about 30 minutes after we finished because, well, there was NO ONE to interrupt us. ;)

A friend of my sister got us a sweet deal on an amazing hotel room at the Marriott so we headed there next and promptly went to bed. ;)

The next morning we slept in (if you can call it that, neither of us slept very well in a bed that wasn’t our own) and then went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast. We headed home, loved on the kids who’d missed us SOOOOOO much, LOL, napped the baby (yeah, I napped with her), and then we went to Costco.

It was a great night for us. The first time we’ve left the kids overnight. Ever. Anytime one of us has gone somewhere over night the other has stayed home. So this was… wonderful. Mr. Fox is an amazing man and I am so blessed to have him.