Wildlife Day

So, we didn’t technically do any “school” today because I had a Dr’s appt this morning and then we hung at Aunt T’s.

As we were loading up to leave for home T’s neighbor called us over to ask what these rat-like creatures were by the rundown shed. Turns out there were four baby opossums.

We used a towel and got the two that had crawled out into the open back over with the two that were huddled by the shed. Not sure where mama was – those babies should be in her pouch. :(

On the way to her house I saw a llama out in a field with horses and promised the kids we’d stop by on our way home. So, I did. The man that lives there was extremely nice and he came out and told the kids about all his animals: llama, horses, ram, sheep, peacock, turkeys. He invited us to come by whenever we like – and I think we will! I’m definitely going back to get pics. The kids got a kick out of the horses (they thought we had apples) and the man was impressed with how NOT scared of them my kids were. :)

Then, since I’m the coolest mom in the world, I took the kids down the road AT bedtime and waded through the muddy water to catch tadpoles for them. The biggest tadpoles I have ever seen (pics tomorrow).

Anyway, I was thinking of putting them in the aquarium in Ry’s room with some things for them to climb out on when they get legs. Should be a fun Homeschooling Science lesson and hopefully they’ll live in our yard and eat the mosquitoes!