Elephant Watering Can and AL State Flag Cookies

One of R3’s chores is to water the plants. She was carrying a cup of water back and forth to fill it about 3 trips and was asking for a watering can. :) I found the cutest idea in the Family Fun magazine and decided to make it for her.

Here we are gluing on the eyes and ears.

And here she’s showing it off:

Sister had to jump in on the pic:

And here she is using it!

Big brother likes it too:

Later on, after Seester and her crew arrived, we made AL State Flag Cookies.

Wanna make some?

Graham Crackers
Cream cheese (or icing)
Twizzlers (or red piping icing)

Put icing/cheese on cracker, arrange twizzler/red icing in an X – viola!


This is R1’s first year playing flag football for Upward. He has really enjoyed it and learned so much. We’ve all made some friends and I have enjoyed learning more about the game. He’s the quarterback, btw, and not too bad! He throws quite well but is afraid of hurting the other boys so he takes it easy, which irritates his dad.

Last night he had a make-up game instead of practice and played pretty well. He got the first flag in the first play and I actually captured it on film!

He’s the one in green. :) And of course I took a ton more pics to I’ll just post them and hush now. :)