Elephant Watering Can and AL State Flag Cookies

One of R3’s chores is to water the plants. She was carrying a cup of water back and forth to fill it about 3 trips and was asking for a watering can. :) I found the cutest idea in the Family Fun magazine and decided to make it for her.

Here we are gluing on the eyes and ears.

And here she’s showing it off:

Sister had to jump in on the pic:

And here she is using it!

Big brother likes it too:

Later on, after Seester and her crew arrived, we made AL State Flag Cookies.

Wanna make some?

Graham Crackers
Cream cheese (or icing)
Twizzlers (or red piping icing)

Put icing/cheese on cracker, arrange twizzler/red icing in an X – viola!

Memorial Day Weekend in Mentone

My sweet, wonderful friend Catherine invited us to stay with her and her awesome family at their cabin in Mentone this past weekend and it was a BLAST! The kids all got along WONDERFULLY and we all had so much fun! There were quite a few firsts:

R1’s first time driving (a golf cart, but driving on his own, no less)
R2 and R3’s first time in a boat and in a lake
R1 and R2’s first time hillbilly skiing
All three had first time fishing experiences, golf cart rides and shooting BB guns!

I got to lay around and read (TWO books) on the SC BOE’s new Nook (shhh!), which I quickly fell in love with. And have wonderful conversations with Catherine and the other adults. I am enamored with Catherine’s amazing parents and thoroughly enjoyed having morning coffee on their back porch with them three mornings in a row – they are delightful to be around and an inspiration.

I, of course, took a ton of pics. Not as many as I normally would have but I was trying to BE in the moment and not just photograph it. It was hard! LOL

So, enough talk, here’s some pics (click to enlarge):

And a video of the Hillbilly Skiing:

The Internet Has Corrupted Reality

A friend of mine said this a few months ago and at the time I didn’t think much of it but lately the more I think about it, the more I use Facebook, the more I see what she is saying.

Not sure I’ll be able to articulate my thoughts on this so pardon me if it’s scattered. I have noticed that while Facebook does allow me to keep in touch with family and friends I might not otherwise, it also gives a false presentation of people.

Tonight I talked to a friend I haven’t seen or talked to in at least 5 months, maybe more, and she told me that she is lonely, that she doesn’t have any friends; and I was shocked. To look at her facebook page you’d think she’s crazy busy with all these friends, playdates, etc! I had NO idea.

Facebook may allow us to “connect” with those we might not otherwise but I think more often than not it really just allows us to have a superficial relationship, never venturing out of the computer to truly connect with anyone in person. It seems to me that it just sets up a false sense of community. The more we rely on the internet to fulfill our needs for companionship the less that need is truly met.

It’s taken me a while to realize this. I’ve been close to deleting my account a few times because I do not like FB’s practices but now I know the real reason I have been drifting away from the site. No more facebook for me – I don’t need anything to enable me to be reclusive, I have those tendencies naturally and they are not healthy, not something I want to encourage in myself.

We can only make friends if we get out there and BE friends.

We Shut Down the Playground

So I loaded the kids up today and headed to the Rave for their free family movie, Hotel for Dogs. I was doing good, out of the house by 9 and even with getting gas and swinging by Mr. Fox’s work to pick up the CFA coupons we were on time, early even.

But when we pulled into the parking lot and I saw THREE school buses and 1,000 people (ok, maybe not a 1,000) standing at the doors I had a mild anxiety attack. And all of a sudden I could.not.go.in.there. So I called Mr. Fox and asked him what kids movies were playing at the $ theater. We could choose between Marmaduke and How to Train Your Dragon (which R1 had already seen but had coincidentally asked Mr. Fox this morning to take him to see it again). So HTTYD it was. But it didn’t start until 12:30 and it was currently 9:45.

So I called Seester and asked her if she and the girls wanted to meet us at CFA for an early lunch (since we didn’t eat breakfast – hey, I was out of the house at 9, I can’t do everything!) and play. She said sure and that she would take R3 home for a nap if I would take Chewy Butt with us to the movies.

So we meet, the kids play, we eat and play some more, the kids make new friends and start a game of Duck, Duck, Goose and then R3 forgets that she’s potty-trained and pees inside the play structure. We SHUT IT DOWN. Yeah, good times.

So we left for the movie and Seester took the littles back to her place to eat ice cream and nap (in that order). :)

The movie was great, we all enjoyed it. Will definitely buy it on DVD.

Trip to the Farmer’s Market

R2 and I took our first trip to the Calera Farmer’s Market. We had originally planned to go as a family but when Mr. Fox called and heard the kids yelling at each other in the background and I told him I still hadn’t managed a shower (at 3:30) he said, “why don’t you go alone, you sound like you could use a break.” I heart him. I knew he wanted to get some things done here at the house so I took R2 with me.

She was so pleasant, I really enjoyed her company. She was so cute walking around with her sunglasses on, she got at least 3 compliments! I let her help choose what to buy and she even paid and carried some of our purchases. She picked okra, peaches, apples and I got a jar of honey. :)

As we were leaving I bought her a sno cone and she was happy as a clam all the way to Target.

She was quiet for a while and then said, “Mommy, all the girls and all the Mommies are princesses and sweethearts of God!”

Me: “They are?”
R2: “Yes, He loves them.”
Me: “What about the boys and the daddies? Are they princes?”
R2: “Ummm, I fink He loves them, too.”

She’s so stinkin’ sweet.

Spring Break – Day 2

We woke, had breakfast and headed over to Huntsville to the U.S. Space and Rocket Center.

The kids had fun there, it wasn’t quite as enthralling as Chris and I had expected it to be and took much less time than anticipated so afterwards we got some lunch and headed over to Ryland, AL to take some pics of Ry.

Here’s a video montage of his hamminess (yes, I made that up):


Even Though No One Reads…

I’m going to work harder on updating this blog more regularly. I have a hard time sharing personal thoughts on the web and it doesn’t seem anyone reads, anyway. But I’ve had a lot going on lately and have been told journaling is a great way to help deal – and I hate to write, I type much faster. ;)

Today has been one of those days… you know, the kind that starts the night before? R2 woke up around 10:30 coughing and grunting and then proceeded to vomit all over herself while laying flat on her back. That was fun. NOT. Into the shower she went – and at this point the other two were awake.

Her loving daddy said he’d sleep with her so I could nurse the little and get her back to sleep. I had every intention of switching places with him but little would not go back to sleep, too much excitement. Plus there was the crazy thunderstorm going on.

So, yeah, Daddy didn’t get much sleep. Thankfully R2 only puked 2 more times, but Daddy still didn’t sleep well because as anyone who has ever slept next to a puking child can attest, you wake at their every peep/movement anticipating another round of puking.

R3’s dipes were nasty yesterday – you know, the kind you smell from a mile away, the siblings are begging you to change it and it just smells “sick” – and that has continued into today.

So today these are my tools:

On top of that, the massive thunderstorm has raged (it’s bad. DH’s parking lot at work was flooded to the point that cars were floating and/or had water inside). I went out to drain some of the water from the pool before it overflowed and ruined the liner. Then I put sausage on the stove and turned the oven on for biscuits. About 5 minutes later the power went out. *thud* We sat and sang songs and goofed off and it came back on about 30 minutes later and we were able to eat.

R2 slipped off and went to sleep in my bed without a word – unheard of. R3 and I joined her and took a 2.5 hour nap – that was lovely.

So, my day has gone back and forth between this

and this

But at least this one is feeling better

and the rest of us seem to be ok… for now.

R1 is Seven!

Yesterday was his birthday.

He decided that he wanted to stay home and build his new legos (that he got yesterday morning) with Daddy so R2 and I went to church with Aunt T and the girls. We had lunch and then I had two photo shoots.

Last night we all went out to dinner at Mizu to celebrate he and Trin’s birthday.

He had fun! He enjoyed all his gifts of his birthday week and says he likes being 7 even though he now has more responsibilities.


Thanksgiving Traditions

Twitter Moms asked “What three favorite family Thanksgiving traditions have you passed or will pass on to your children?”

1. Every year on Thanksgiving we take a family photo and put it in our Thanksgiving Book along with a leaf that each of us has written on listing things we are thankful for.

2. We share the holiday with family and teach our children that family is most important. We want our children to grow up valuing each other, their cousins and other extended family members.

3. On the night of Thanksgiving we watch Jim Carrey’s The Grinch and decorate the tree.

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Happy Halloween!

Chris and I took our kids and T’s, too, since she had a baby last night, to our church’s Light the Night and then to a nearby neighborhood to Trick or Treat.

The kids had a blast. My kids didn’t go last year, since they all had Chicken Pox, so this was a big deal for Raeghan. :) After EVERY house she ran to me and said, “They gave me candy!” It was so cute. :)