Tattoo On My Heart

No matter what, I struggle daily with controlling my temper. I have come to discover the physical, hormonal reasons for it but I know that it’s also a heart issue. I’m trying desperately to fix this, whatever it is. Crying out to God to just reach down and snatch it out of me, but I know it doesn’t work that way. I have to get to the root of it, I have to do the work. And I’m trying.

One thing that’s really helping me is reading Grace-Based Parenting. This book is full of wonderful words about the grace of God and how we can NOT raise strong Christian children without allowing that grace to flow through us to them. But grace is something that a lot of us struggle with. We know all about the grace that leads to salvation but for so many of us it stops there. We don’t realize how much grace God bestows on us every minute of every day. It’s a little overwhelming when you really think about it.

There are so many lines in this book and I’m only 1/2-way through it – I rarely write in books but I know this is one that I will be rereading over and over as my kids grow. The thing that really got me today was this:

listen, not lecture
respond rather than react
engage rather than dismiss
pray rather than judge

I want this tattooed on my heart, maybe even my head! I think I’ll start with printing it out and putting it on my wall. I think this is a great map to showing grace to my kids… if I can just get it to become habit. As they say, ‘old habits die hard’ and man, it’s true.

Pray for me as I strive to change and die to the old habits of my flesh.

Bedschooling is Now Optional

I busted my hiney today. This is the first time I have touched my computer other than to turn on StoryNory for the kids during quiet time.

I slept til 8:30 (R2 woke me up twice, R1 once and R3 once last night so I was useless) and then we had breakfast and started on school. We finished, had lunch and then I made the kids have quiet time on my bed with StoryNory for one hour while I put R3 down for a nap. After their hour was up I told them they could get up and play quietly. They were not quiet, in fact they were VERY loud and woke the baby up 3-4 times which meant I had to stay in there with her getting her back to sleep.

So when I finally was able to sneak out, I caught them playing in my shower (a big nono and they know it). I sat them down and calmly let them know that I was very upset with them. As a consequence I told them they each had to get a grocery bag (thanks for the idea Becky!) and fill it up in the front yard with whatever they could (trash, toys, etc). They did it pretty much without complaint because they knew they were wrong and because I didn’t yell at them!! (GO ME!!)

After that R3 got up and I started hardcore on the schoolroom/R1’s room. I got it cleaned and organized, we moved the futon in, set up the school area and we can officially begin schooling in there tomorrow!!

I also reorganized and massively cleaned the girls’ room. Filled two more boxes for the thrift store and two trash bags.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. Mr. Fox is almost ready to hang the TV on the “dining room” wall – we are switching the rooms in our house. The dining table will be moved tomorrow and the tv will be hung and we have a couch/chair/ottoman on the way!

My house, after two years of renovations, is finally starting to look like a home! My friend Jen and her mom came over and they are giving us decorating/organizing tips (’cause I lack that gene) and I am SO excited to have their help.

I know this is useless without pictures. I have before/after on my P&S but atm can’t find the chord that I need to dump it. Sorry.