Pfft… She’s A Hoot

Mr. Fox: It’s Fathers day tomorrow and I have a list of things for y’all to do. R1 is going to put on a new roof, R2 is going to cut the grass, and R3is going to vacuum the pool.
R2: Sweet, I want to cut the grass!
Mr. Fox: With scissors.
R2: I’ll vacuum the pool.
Mr. Fox: Ries is going to do it with a straw…
R2: Aaaannnnd we’re back to the grass….

ROFL I love that kid <3

ATL Trip

Seester and I drive to Atlanta for a friends wedding (June 1). We decided to go a day early so we could have some sister time sans kids – something that rarely happens.

I was a little worried at first since the baby pretty much hates the van but God stepped in and helped us through it! She did so amazingly well! We only stopped once on the way there (for lunch) and once on the way back (for gas).

We had such a great time. We got there later that we had planned so instead of going to Ikea as originally planned we chilled in the hotel and then went to the rehearsal dinner where we got to see Rocheal (the bride) whom we hadn’t seen in years and munch on yummy food.

The next morning we got up and headed to Ikea (Seester had only been once before years ago) where we had a blast shopping. When we left there we headed to Trader Joe’s (neither of us had ever been) where we had a blast buying healthy food at crappy food prices. ;)

I was wearing the baby in my gauze wrap, so of course I was approached and stared at. When we first walked in and I was wrapping her this older lady just stood and glared at me. LOL I think she didn’t know whether to be worried or impressed! Then another mom stopped me to ask how I did it, where she could get one, etc. And after that an employee with a 4mo grilled us for a good 5 minutes and then shared, after we told her how great she looks, how her mom keeps telling her she still looks pregnant! We thought she was awesome and gave her my email and lots of encouragement. And of course we couldn’t get out the door without someone asking Seester about her shoulder. So between my baby wearing and her sling we got looks, comments and questions wherever we went!

Afterwards we went back to the hotel for lunch and I tried unsuccessfully to get my very tired baby to nap. Then we went to the wedding at 4 to help set up but it was mostly done so we hung out until it started at 6. We got to be the first ones to very our picture taken with the bride. <3

The wedding was beautiful. Outside overlooking a river, the bride and bridal party were wearing barefoot sandals, it was so cute.

We had a good time at the reception, too, other than it being hotter inside than out. Thankfully there were awesome ceiling fans on the porch because baby wearing in the heat is hard. She was sooooo sleepy but it was soooo hot so it was hard for her to stay asleep. Thankfully she’s a pretty happy baby even when she’s exhausted.

We spent another night in the hotel (’cause I want about to try my luck with the baby in her car seat at night – that has gone very badly just around town) and headed home the next morning.

Book List for R1

R1 and I have an agreement. He can read whatever books he chooses (within reason/appropriateness) but once a month he has to read a book from my list. Here’s our current list:

A Christmas Carol
Animal Farm
Bridge to Terabithia
Carry On, Mr. Bowditch
Cheaper by the Dozen
The Diary of a Young Girl
Island of the Blue Dolphins
Jo’s Boys
Journey to the Center of the Earth
Little Britches
Little Men
The Lonesome Gods
The Magician’s Elephant
Oliver Twist
The Phantom Tollbooth
The Search for Delicious
The Secret Garden
Summer of the Monkeys
The Tale of Despereaux
White Fang

End of the Year 2014 – R2



Subject: Math
Color: sea green
Food: grapes
Sport: Soccer
Book: Geronimo Stilton books
Toy: Legos
Game: Go Fish
TV Show: Shake It Up
Indoor Activity: coloring
Outdoor Activity: baseball
My best friends are: Ally and Trinity
When I grow up I want to be: Artist
What makes me happy: Remy
What makes me sad: moving
I am really good at: Gymnastics
I love: Mommy and Daddy
This is how I write my name:


Next year I will be in 3rd grade

End of the School Year 2014 – R3


My Favorites:

Thing to learn about: animals
Color: gold
Food: beanie weenie
Sport: basketball
Book: Chicken Butt
Toy: OG Doll
Game: Who’s Behind the Door?
TV Show: The Winks Club
Indoor Activity: watch a show
Outdoor Activity: jump on the trampoline
My best friends are: Journey, Ricky
When I grow up I want to be: a Veterinarian
What makes me happy: being with my mom alone
What makes me sad: when Daddy leaves to go to FL
I am really good at: hand stands
I love: Mommy and Daddy

How I write my name:


Next year I will be in First Grade!

Elimination Communication or EC

I did this a bit with both girls when they were between 2 and 6 months but I wasn’t very consistent. They both ended up potty learning around 2-2.5.

This time I don’t have a toddler to chase so I’m going to give it another go. Right now we are just working on learning her cues and teaching her ours by laying her on a towel bare-bottomed when she’s awake. The kids think it’s hysterical.

There have been many books and blogs written on the subject so I’m just going to link some for my future reference and yours if you’re interested:

Infant toilet training: An evidence-based guide

Getting started with Elimination Communication (EC)

How to Practice Elimination Communication | Natural Infant Hygiene 101

A tested method for babies who can sit up by themselves

“It Works” Wraps are NOT All-Natural

There ARE herbal ingredients in it… but there’s also these nasties.