A Week with J

J: Am I going home today?
Me: No, tomorrow.
J: *sad, pouty face*
Me: But you said you wanted to stay here forever and never go home.
J: *HUGE smile* Oh yeah, I forgot!!!


“Aunt Christi, I want to Remy to give me a kiss but every time I open my mouth like this (demonstrates open mouth) she puts a puzzle piece in it!!”


J has taken R2’s place in TKD class. She LOVES it. Yesterday they learned to break paper with their fists. My phone wigged out and I didn’t get this on video but when J broke the paper she flung herself into R3’s arms, wrapping her legs about R3’s waist and they squealed and spun. It was awesome.

ATL Trip

Seester and I drive to Atlanta for a friends wedding (June 1). We decided to go a day early so we could have some sister time sans kids – something that rarely happens.

I was a little worried at first since the baby pretty much hates the van but God stepped in and helped us through it! She did so amazingly well! We only stopped once on the way there (for lunch) and once on the way back (for gas).

We had such a great time. We got there later that we had planned so instead of going to Ikea as originally planned we chilled in the hotel and then went to the rehearsal dinner where we got to see Rocheal (the bride) whom we hadn’t seen in years and munch on yummy food.

The next morning we got up and headed to Ikea (Seester had only been once before years ago) where we had a blast shopping. When we left there we headed to Trader Joe’s (neither of us had ever been) where we had a blast buying healthy food at crappy food prices. ;)

I was wearing the baby in my gauze wrap, so of course I was approached and stared at. When we first walked in and I was wrapping her this older lady just stood and glared at me. LOL I think she didn’t know whether to be worried or impressed! Then another mom stopped me to ask how I did it, where she could get one, etc. And after that an employee with a 4mo grilled us for a good 5 minutes and then shared, after we told her how great she looks, how her mom keeps telling her she still looks pregnant! We thought she was awesome and gave her my email and lots of encouragement. And of course we couldn’t get out the door without someone asking Seester about her shoulder. So between my baby wearing and her sling we got looks, comments and questions wherever we went!

Afterwards we went back to the hotel for lunch and I tried unsuccessfully to get my very tired baby to nap. Then we went to the wedding at 4 to help set up but it was mostly done so we hung out until it started at 6. We got to be the first ones to very our picture taken with the bride. <3

The wedding was beautiful. Outside overlooking a river, the bride and bridal party were wearing barefoot sandals, it was so cute.

We had a good time at the reception, too, other than it being hotter inside than out. Thankfully there were awesome ceiling fans on the porch because baby wearing in the heat is hard. She was sooooo sleepy but it was soooo hot so it was hard for her to stay asleep. Thankfully she’s a pretty happy baby even when she’s exhausted.

We spent another night in the hotel (’cause I want about to try my luck with the baby in her car seat at night – that has gone very badly just around town) and headed home the next morning.

Elephant Watering Can and AL State Flag Cookies

One of R3’s chores is to water the plants. She was carrying a cup of water back and forth to fill it about 3 trips and was asking for a watering can. :) I found the cutest idea in the Family Fun magazine and decided to make it for her.

Here we are gluing on the eyes and ears.

And here she’s showing it off:

Sister had to jump in on the pic:

And here she is using it!

Big brother likes it too:

Later on, after Seester and her crew arrived, we made AL State Flag Cookies.

Wanna make some?

Graham Crackers
Cream cheese (or icing)
Twizzlers (or red piping icing)

Put icing/cheese on cracker, arrange twizzler/red icing in an X – viola!

My Bagel is So Funny

Last night she went with Seester to look at cars and run errands. At one of the dealerships they went inside and the owner had two small dogs (Dachshund and Yorkie) and R2 fell in love. She asked Seester if the Dachshund was a boy or girl and when Seester told her boy she asked how she knew that. Seester told her because she could see his penis – and explained when asked that it was on his belly. The man there looked at Seester like she was crazy, of course (we’re used to that) and then R2 asked where the vulva would be and Seester told her under the tail. R2 lifted up the Yorkie she was holding and said, “Oh that’s not a bellybutton, it’s a penis!” Seester and the man found that hilarious and Seester agreed that, yes, they were both males.


So I think in order to keep up I have to always post about yesterday, LOL.

I came around the corner and was greeted with this:

I cracked up and took pictures – and when R1 rescued Nola R3 put them on and demanded I take her picture, too.

Later Seester came over and we made GF pizza and pizza sticks with the kids. It was a great time for all. And yummy!

Washing My Hair

I run a Frontier coop so about once a month we have a huge box full of (biodegradeable) peanuts and the kids always have a blast playing in them (otherwise known as making a huge mess all over the house). Last night I caught R3 and Juju singing “washing my hair” over and over while they rubbed peanuts on their heads.

A few days ago our neighbor Ricky was over playing and he managed to shove himself and my two girls in the box!