Leap #4


Leap #4 was 5 loooong weeks long. R4 has made some obvious advancements like being able to bring things to her mouth (including my hand), using consonant sounds, searches for people when they walk away from her, grumbles when impatient.

There are other new skills that I may not have noticed or haven’t kicked in yet.

Leap #4 in my mind is “the leap of cat naps.” R4 rarely slept more than 30 minutes at a time unless I was holding her and even then sometimes it was still only 30 mintues. Luckly she slept really well at night except for nursing a lot more often.

When this leap ended it was like a switch flipped. She took two 1.5 hour naps in the bed! I didn’t know what to do with myself! I made blueberry muffins with the berries we picked last week and dinner!! I also realized she’s not nursing NEAR as often! She’s back to doing a 3-4 hours stretch at night like she was before this leap and going 2-3 hours during the day (instead of every 1-2).

I wish Wonder Weeks had been around when The Bigs were little I am finding this app really useful!

ATL Trip

Seester and I drive to Atlanta for a friends wedding (June 1). We decided to go a day early so we could have some sister time sans kids – something that rarely happens.

I was a little worried at first since the baby pretty much hates the van but God stepped in and helped us through it! She did so amazingly well! We only stopped once on the way there (for lunch) and once on the way back (for gas).

We had such a great time. We got there later that we had planned so instead of going to Ikea as originally planned we chilled in the hotel and then went to the rehearsal dinner where we got to see Rocheal (the bride) whom we hadn’t seen in years and munch on yummy food.

The next morning we got up and headed to Ikea (Seester had only been once before years ago) where we had a blast shopping. When we left there we headed to Trader Joe’s (neither of us had ever been) where we had a blast buying healthy food at crappy food prices. ;)

I was wearing the baby in my gauze wrap, so of course I was approached and stared at. When we first walked in and I was wrapping her this older lady just stood and glared at me. LOL I think she didn’t know whether to be worried or impressed! Then another mom stopped me to ask how I did it, where she could get one, etc. And after that an employee with a 4mo grilled us for a good 5 minutes and then shared, after we told her how great she looks, how her mom keeps telling her she still looks pregnant! We thought she was awesome and gave her my email and lots of encouragement. And of course we couldn’t get out the door without someone asking Seester about her shoulder. So between my baby wearing and her sling we got looks, comments and questions wherever we went!

Afterwards we went back to the hotel for lunch and I tried unsuccessfully to get my very tired baby to nap. Then we went to the wedding at 4 to help set up but it was mostly done so we hung out until it started at 6. We got to be the first ones to very our picture taken with the bride. <3

The wedding was beautiful. Outside overlooking a river, the bride and bridal party were wearing barefoot sandals, it was so cute.

We had a good time at the reception, too, other than it being hotter inside than out. Thankfully there were awesome ceiling fans on the porch because baby wearing in the heat is hard. She was sooooo sleepy but it was soooo hot so it was hard for her to stay asleep. Thankfully she’s a pretty happy baby even when she’s exhausted.

We spent another night in the hotel (’cause I want about to try my luck with the baby in her car seat at night – that has gone very badly just around town) and headed home the next morning.

Elimination Communication or EC

I did this a bit with both girls when they were between 2 and 6 months but I wasn’t very consistent. They both ended up potty learning around 2-2.5.

This time I don’t have a toddler to chase so I’m going to give it another go. Right now we are just working on learning her cues and teaching her ours by laying her on a towel bare-bottomed when she’s awake. The kids think it’s hysterical.

There have been many books and blogs written on the subject so I’m just going to link some for my future reference and yours if you’re interested:

Infant toilet training: An evidence-based guide

Getting started with Elimination Communication (EC)

How to Practice Elimination Communication | Natural Infant Hygiene 101

A tested method for babies who can sit up by themselves

There’s No Such Thing As A Parenting Pro

I posted the following yesterday in my 4th Trimester group (ladies I was pg with):

Am I the only one who has to work to get their baby to sleep? I see all these pics of y’all’s babies zonked out on your chests or backs and that would never happen here.

I either have to wear her and spend the whole time bouncing, patting and shhh’ing or swaddle her and put her in the swing and even then sometimes I have to sit and shh in addition to the white noise and music playing. Am I doing something wrong?

When I take her out of the swing when we go to bed, I nurse her and lay her swaddled between us and she sleeps fine all night long.

I’m not really complaining, it could be so much worse, just thinking out loud I guess..

Then I commented to Mr. Fox that I wish the swing would lay flat, that I think she wants to be on her side in it. He’s all, “lay her in the bed.” But I thought she needed the motion. So when I put her in her swing this morning and she fussed I thought, “what the heck” and laid her in the bed. SHE WENT TO SLEEP! So, yeah, 4 kids later and I still struggle to figure out what she needs! LOL

Can’t post without a pic, right?


3 Month Growth Spurt


R4 is doing her 3 month growth spurt a little early, which is probably a good thing since we’re 2 days from our next leap.

She has gained almost a whole pound in 9 days! Friday and Saturday she nursed every hour. On Sunday my breasts actually felt bruised! Then Sunday and Monday she was only awake for 20 mins at a time and then she’d sleep for an hour. Today she woke up for about an hour, took a THREE hour nap, was up for an hour and is now going back to sleep. Thankfully, she still sleeps pretty well at night still.

She hasn’t talked to us much the past few days but this afternoon she told Trinity what was up.

Vulcan, Frozen and Screaming

This morning we went on a field trip with our homeschool friends to Vulcan. It was fun and the kids (well, R1 and R3) enjoyed taking the elevator to the top. The house was being shown from 12-2 so we accepted Seester’s invitation to see Frozen in 3D at the dollar theater. I dropped Nana and the kids off and R4 and I went next door to Bargain Hunt where I scored a shirt for R3 for $.30 and a Woombie fo $10 (but it’s too small :( ).

Afterwards we headed back to the theater and nursed in the parking lot.


I tried, unsuccessfully, to get R4 to sleep in my arms but since she was smiling and talking to me I missed the window and all of a sudden she was overtired and angry.


I got out and wrapped her and went to stand on the sidewalk around the theater since it was misting and chilly. She yelled at me while I bounced for a good 10 minutes. She would NOT let me tuck her head in and so she continued to overstimulate herself. Finally I cupped my hands on each side of her face and shh’d into her ear and she zonked right out. But while I was doing all of that this nice older lady drove past, turned around and came back to ask me if I needed something for the baby! I nicely replied, “No, thank you” but according to Aunt S I missed an opportunity. She says I should have said, “Yes, diapers!” ROFL