2016 Memories Take 1


R2: if you had to lose a finger or toe which one would you pick?
Me: Probably a pinky finger, they get used less often.
R3: If I had to pick something to lose it would be my hair, not like an arm.., I’m gonna need those!


R2: When we get a dog can we get two? A brown one AND a black one? I read last night that black dogs are the least likely to be adopted.
Me: That’s true, most black dogs are put to sleep.
R1:WHAT? WHY? What’s wrong with black dogs? People are racist!

December Week 1

R2 got her new reading glasses


We went to AL a day early so we could spend extra time with B.


We went to the mall to check out the Stride Rite going-out-of-business sale and scored two awesome pairs of shoes for R3 and R4. R4 was in heaven in that store. We walked in and she exclaimed, “SHOES!!” and then sat on the bench and took her shoes off. The big kids brought her pair after pair to try on and she strutted around the store in each pair. When it was time to go she was NOT putting her old shoes back on… so she left wearing a new pair. $30 for two pairs of Stride Rite shoes is not a bad deal!


Then B paid for her to ride the carousel because her little heart was broken (and she hadn’t napped).


After the mall we went to the park but didn’t stay long because it was getting colder by the minute as the sun went down.


Friday we went to UAB for R2’s appt and then drove home. We got home just in time for R1’s basketball game and then we went to see the hockey game.


Silly Girls

R3 has an Ariel cup and told R2 to guess the color of Ariel’s eyes. R2 starts naming colors and R3 keeps saying no. R2 says, “black” and R3 says, “No, that would just be creepy!” LOL



R3: I don’t know, but I just don’t think Scooby Doo is the right thing to watch when you’re sick.



R3: Mommy, Ry said to read my book somewhere else or in my head but it’s no FUN when I read it in my head!



r3: I want a punch buggy.
G: Why, they only fit 4 people!
r3: Well, it will be me, my husband and 2 kids.
Me: You’re only having 2 kids, huh?
r3: Well, if I have more I’ll just get a bigger car!



On the way to the beach yesterday the kids noticed the McGuire’s bus…

r3: Did you see those people?
T: Yeah they’re not real.
r3: Mommy are they real?
Me: No, honey, they’re mannequins.
r3: But the driver WAVED!!!



r3 to R4: I love you baby, I would never hurt you. You are my precious! I would never drop you off of a cliff that was twenty hundred feet high. If you fell off a mountain that was twenty hundred feet high I would jump off and save you. Because I loooooove you!!!!



r3: Mom, what can I do other than draw and eat bacon all day?



r3: They didn’t say “Welcome to Moe’s” when we came in!
Me: Hmm, I didn’t notice.
(another couple walks in and they all yell “Welcome to Moe’s”)
r3: I don’t think they like us!



r3 is packing her bag to sleep over at Tara’s. She’s having a conversation with her stuffed animal, who is insisting it won’t fit in her bag.

r3: Yes, you will fit, believe in yourself! I believe in you!



r3: Mommy, I’m still hungry but I don’t want to get up.
Me: I’m sorry, what are you going to do about that?
r3: (being all sweet and giggly) Are you thinking what I’m thinking?
Me: Probably not.
r3: Would you please be a GOOD mommy and go and get me something else to eat?
Me: I’m a pregnant, sick mommy and you’re on your own.



r3: I’m an artist!
Me: you are, huh?
r3: Yes! I can paint you a horse…after you draw it.



r3: This is my doctor bag. In case someone is bleeding, I can give them some hand sanitizer.


A Week with J

J: Am I going home today?
Me: No, tomorrow.
J: *sad, pouty face*
Me: But you said you wanted to stay here forever and never go home.
J: *HUGE smile* Oh yeah, I forgot!!!


“Aunt Christi, I want to Remy to give me a kiss but every time I open my mouth like this (demonstrates open mouth) she puts a puzzle piece in it!!”


J has taken R2’s place in TKD class. She LOVES it. Yesterday they learned to break paper with their fists. My phone wigged out and I didn’t get this on video but when J broke the paper she flung herself into R3’s arms, wrapping her legs about R3’s waist and they squealed and spun. It was awesome.

2013 Memories

I found some things I had written down and want to put them in a safe place so I’m putting them here.


At the McWane gift shop R3 picks up a gorilla w/a baby on it’s back and says, “Aw, look it has a champoo on it’s back!”

Feb 2013


I was making up silly words to a song we sing and R3 joined in. When I laughed she said, “R1 and R2 don’t always think I’m funny.” Typical youngest-born, wants everyone to laugh at her jokes.

R3 learned to whistle.

R3: Mommy, when you change the station in the car does it change in ALL the cars?
Me: No
R3: I don’t understand how the radio works.


R1 and R2 won 3rd place in the Science Fair!


To JoNell – R3: My name means Princess Warrior, so I can kick my brothers butt!”


Mr. Fox took R3 into the men’s bathroom at Pizza Hut.

R3: I wish you were a girl.
Mr Fox: If I were a girl I couldn’t be your Daddy.
R3: Well, you could dress up in girl clothes!

Shut It!

Mr. Fox’s FB status tonight:

Here’s how my phone conversation started tonight with the sweetest little girl I know…

Me: Hello?
R3: Hey Daddy.
Me: Hey sweetheart.
R3: Hold on…
R3: Sorry, had to tell them to be quiet ’cause I’m on the phone with you.

End of the School Year 2014 – R3


My Favorites:

Thing to learn about: animals
Color: gold
Food: beanie weenie
Sport: basketball
Book: Chicken Butt
Toy: OG Doll
Game: Who’s Behind the Door?
TV Show: The Winks Club
Indoor Activity: watch a show
Outdoor Activity: jump on the trampoline
My best friends are: Journey, Ricky
When I grow up I want to be: a Veterinarian
What makes me happy: being with my mom alone
What makes me sad: when Daddy leaves to go to FL
I am really good at: hand stands
I love: Mommy and Daddy

How I write my name:


Next year I will be in First Grade!

Vulcan, Frozen and Screaming

This morning we went on a field trip with our homeschool friends to Vulcan. It was fun and the kids (well, R1 and R3) enjoyed taking the elevator to the top. The house was being shown from 12-2 so we accepted Seester’s invitation to see Frozen in 3D at the dollar theater. I dropped Nana and the kids off and R4 and I went next door to Bargain Hunt where I scored a shirt for R3 for $.30 and a Woombie fo $10 (but it’s too small :( ).

Afterwards we headed back to the theater and nursed in the parking lot.


I tried, unsuccessfully, to get R4 to sleep in my arms but since she was smiling and talking to me I missed the window and all of a sudden she was overtired and angry.


I got out and wrapped her and went to stand on the sidewalk around the theater since it was misting and chilly. She yelled at me while I bounced for a good 10 minutes. She would NOT let me tuck her head in and so she continued to overstimulate herself. Finally I cupped my hands on each side of her face and shh’d into her ear and she zonked right out. But while I was doing all of that this nice older lady drove past, turned around and came back to ask me if I needed something for the baby! I nicely replied, “No, thank you” but according to Aunt S I missed an opportunity. She says I should have said, “Yes, diapers!” ROFL