He Never Ceases to Amaze Me

A homeschool friend of ours started a kids book club but we really haven’t been attending. R1 has been reading most of the books, though. He had no desire to read Peter Pan so he skipped it (partly because I’d already read it to them a few months back). Seester recently asked R1 to brag about the books he’s been reading to Trin to try and pique her interest and get her interested in reading since she’s really not been all that into it.

Flash forward to yesterday and Trin was sleeping over. R1 challenged her to a race. We have two copies of a few books and they chose to start with….. Peter Pan! But it gets better. R1 told me that when he got up this morning Trin was sitting in my chair READING! This is a big, big deal.

I really love that boy.

Finders Keepers Treasures

I saw this on a blog and when I told the kids about it they thought it was a great idea so we started collecting rocks and shells. We hit the jackpot last week when we went swimming at the creek:

So today, while R1, R2 and I started a game of Yahtzee I got R3 started on painting.

And she was having so much fun that the rest of us started wandering over to help when it wasn’t our turn in the game.

After the paint dried we went back and used Mod Podge (made by me thanks to Pinterest), stickers, googly eyes and other objects to decorate them – and we wrote a message on the bottoms of the ones we could (“Bless You”, “Jesus Loves You”, “Peace”, etc.).

The boy got a little carried away with the googly eyes, but they turned out so cute!

And I’m super proud of this one – the one on the left is a bird that R3 made! I was seriously impressed. And the one on the right R1 made to go with it – love his idea to use leaves as wings.

I’m sure you’re wondering what the point is… we put them all in a basket to keep in our car. From now on when we go somewhere in town the kids will pick a few to leave in strategic places in hopes that other children will find them and get a sweet surprise to brighten their day.

“First Day of School”

I printed out pages with the kids’ grades on them for them to hold up today so I could take a pic and when I woke up I started thinking about dressing them up and taking pics… and then I realized that that was silly. So, after cuddling time in my bed and then going outside and back in and back out and back in to play with Trio’s I decided to snap a “real” picture:

Since discovering TJEd we don’t really ever stop schooling around here – it’s really starting to become a way of life, learning in everything we do. I’m so thankful for this journey God has brought us on.

NC/GA Adventures

The kids and I took off for 2 weeks to NC to visit my BFF and her family. We had so.much.fun. R lives at the bottom of a mountain so there is tons of wildlife and beautiful views. And the weather was perfect.

Here are a few scrapbook pages – more coming! We went to the WNC Nature Center, the Arboretum and Health Adventure while there. On our way home we stopped in GA to stay with another friend and went to the Stone Mountain Laser Show and the Yellow River Game Ranch.

Day of Crafts

The kids and I had some fun with crafts today!

Snowman handprint bulbs – this one is R3’s

then we made this cool “snowflake” for the tree.

We also made a bunch of snowflakes from coffee filters – R2 seems to have a knack!

Then the girls painted shiny pictures with condensed milk colored with food color. I’ll have to get some pics.


The kids all needed a trim but then the girls decided they wanted CUTS! I was leery, I really love my girls’ hair, especially R2’s. Those curls! Well, Ms. Jessica not only cut it but she straightened R2’s, also, something we’ve never done. R2 LOVED it! She wouldn’t wash it for three days! LOL Here are a few quick snaps:

We trimmed the back of R1’s a bit, too, but it’s rare that I get a decent pic of him!