The Birth of R4

I woke up at 5am to pee and when I laid back down noticed that the contractions were regular and felt different. I knew I’d be seeing my baby soon. I rested for as long as I could, about 45 minutes, but then had to get up. They weren’t painful, but annoying and I knew from past experience if I was up and about it’d be easier to deal with them. Everyone was asleep, it was quiet and peaceful. I noticed a bit of pink when I wiped and saw part of my plug in the toilet, which confirmed this would be the day. I had asked God to let me have the baby during hours when I would normally be awake – He is SO GOOD!!

Around 6, Mr. Fox woke up and I told him we were going to have a baby today. I went to the kitchen to make breakfast and everyone slowly started to wake. (Seester and her kids had slept over again due to the weather). After I ate I went downstairs and turned on my playlist.

I spent the next few hours on the birth ball, standing around through ctx and waiting for Mr. Fox to get the pool filled. We ran into some hot water issues and had to boil lots of pots of water (so thankful for Mr. Fox and Seester for trudging up and down the stairs over and over again with boiling water) but I was able to get in around 9:40. I labored for a while as they continued to add hot water.

At some point Mr Fox got IN the pool with me to rub my back and encourage me, which was the best thing ever. I remember the MW arriving, but barely, I was completely in my head. The kids were running around, chatting and taking many pics and videos of me but as long as they didn’t bump into the pool I wasn’t bothered by them at all. I think they annoyed Mr. Fox and Seester more than they did me!

Things got intense and I got hot and someone put a cold cloth on my head, which was amazing. I just covered my eyes with it and ignored everyone. No one touched me but Mr. Fox. No doppler, no cervical checks… exactly what we envisioned. It was just us having a baby with a MW there just in case.

I have no idea what time I started pushing. I remember it getting intense and thinking that maybe I should be checked before I started really pushing but then the overwhelming urge to push took over and I went with it. I didn’t push for long and baby girl was practically out in 2-3 pushes, born at 11:02 a.m. into the hands of her amazing Daddy. There’s no way I could have done it without him, he’s the best doula ever.


Still pregnant – everyone is telling me Friday, since it’s a full moon BUT I don’t WANT a baby born on Valentine’s Day!!!! LOL

Tonight will be the third night my sister is sleeping over because she’s convinced if she leaves I’ll have the baby and she won’t be able to get back to me due to the crazy snow/ice junk going on down here.

This is officially the STUPIDEST winter ever and I am SOOOO over it!

She did, however, let me get a nap and I just made brownies. :)

Last week my OB had me schedule a NST/US for this week (tomorrow) since I’m “post dates” but I cancelled because:

a) it’s supposed to be nasty weather tomorrow
b) I’ll only be 40w3d and I’ve carried to 41 before so I’m pretty sure my placenta AND my baby are fine
c) I don’t wanna go! LOL

If I’m still pg next week I’ll consider it.

It Snowed…

Yesterday it snowed. Usually if it snows all the schools close and businesses close and everyone stays home because we know we are not equipped to deal with snow. The forecast called for “possible flurries” so when I headed out to my OB appt at 10:20 I just assumed those flurries I saw weren’t going to stick and would most likely peter out before we even got back home.

I left the OB’s office at 11:07, got home at 3 – y’all I live 5 MILES from the OB’s office! I got halfway home and the road was closed – had to backtrack and go around. We sat in traffic for hours. Barely moving. We were all hungry and had to pee. I had no water and 2 snacks with me. Cars were in ditches, people were walking. Then about .3 miles from my house the hill was impassable and I had to leave my van and walk up a steep hill through the woods practically dragging my 5yo so she wouldn’t fall to get home. I hadn’t peed in THREE AND A HALF hours, nor had any food or water. I stepped in a hole and fell because we were climbing up a ravine to avoid walking on the dangerous road – I felt like I was in a horror movie, trying to watch my step and keep an eye on all three kids. It was scary. Did I mention I am 38 weeks pregnant? :)

Schools were cancelled and so were buses so the roads were flooded with first-time snow drivers trying to get their kids. Do you see where this is going? Kids had to sleep at school and hundreds of people slept in their cars because you can’t drive up a hill or mountain in AL in the snow and the roads are jammed with accidents and abandoned vehicles.

It was not a good day and even today I still feel raw from the stress. Tomorrow it’s finally supposed to get above freezing so the snow/ice will melt and then maybe I can go and get my van.

37 Weeks

I ended up stopping the 21 Day Sugar Detox because it was putting me into Ketosis (even with the mods) and that’s not good for baby. BUT 18 days without sugar has effected me: I had an orange last night, first piece of fruit other than green-tipped bananas, and it was amazing!

I am not much more aware of all the things that have sugar and am being more mindful of what sugar I consume – making choices instead of just eating whatever is around. When I went grocery shopping I didn’t buy any of the snacks I normally would (much to my children’s disappointment) and I have found it much easier to stick to the Paleo/Primal way of eating.

I actually am down 2 lbs this week! Baby is moving a ton, I thought it would slow down, but no. Kung Fu baby is still kickin’ it all the time. I’m very tired, all the time, mainly from not sleeping well. Up to pee every 2-4 hours does not make for a rested mama. :)

Mr. Fox comes home tonight and after next Friday he’ll be home for a whole MONTH!!!

Day 11 – 21dsd

I’ve not had a single instance of heartburn since cutting out sugar! That’s significant at 36 weeks, seeing as how I’d already gone through a bottle of papaya enzyme before starting the detox. Also, I started out not fond of canned coconut milk and now I relish it every morning in my coffee and lick the spoon!! My tastes are definitely changing and things that I would’ve thought needed MORE SUGAR are tasting sweet. :)

My OB appt yesterday went well but I had ketones in my urine so this detox might not be the best thing right now. I’m going to test a few times at home and then make a decision. Either way I’ll be sticking to a more Primal diet from here on out.

What I ate:

Nutty Cinnamon cake w/bacon and coffee
Sweet Potato w/leftover Lemon Ginger Chicken
Cucumbers topped with egg salad
Asian Meatballs with green beans over rice