That’s where I am in counting His blessings. Technically, I’m further along because I’ve been writing them down in two other locations, but in the main journal I’m on 193. ;)

Here are few I took pics of instead of listing:

160. blooms

162. her love of flowers… that are usually weeds. To her, a flower is a flower and they’re all beautiful.

165. this beautiful tree in my BFF’s yard – she says, “my poor tree” but I see the promise.

178. birds chirping in the dark
179. kids bending and twisting through yarn laser beams in the hallway
180. a tent in the living room and two girls curled inside, smiling
181. R3 “Mommy, it’s a squirrel… a lizard… a moth! Come, look!!”
182. yard work, hard work
183. friends who come not only to play but to help
184. stains on clothes, actual wood stain
185. red: shorts from a friend
186. red: skin after working hard in the sun
187. hard: BFF moving to NC

3 Gifts That Were Surprises

15. all 3 slept later than usual.
16. going to the playground and ending up spending an hour playing by the creek (that I didn’t realize was there).
17. the little one not wanting to change her pants before we left the house (they were thin and I was afraid she’d be cold) – so she put another pair on over them. When her bum was covered with wet sand I only had to take off the second pair!

Today’s theme: 3 times you heard laughter


The kids all needed a trim but then the girls decided they wanted CUTS! I was leery, I really love my girls’ hair, especially R2’s. Those curls! Well, Ms. Jessica not only cut it but she straightened R2’s, also, something we’ve never done. R2 LOVED it! She wouldn’t wash it for three days! LOL Here are a few quick snaps:

We trimmed the back of R1’s a bit, too, but it’s rare that I get a decent pic of him!

Going to the Zoo

We went to the Zoo, it’s been a really long time! Here are the highlights:

First column is pretty obvious. Second column, first pic – R1 says these are “rock star” monkeys / under that is the baby lion cubs / then R3 determined to pet EVERY goat in the petting area / and R3 wanting so badly to pet that rooster!.

Third column: R1 pretending to be Scooby Doo / R1 and then R2 feeding the lorikeets.

Fourth column: R3 feeding them “Look, I’m not even freaking out!” she said. And then the girls pretending to be captured by the monster.