I Have to Say it was a Good Day

I really wanted to crawl back into bed with R2 when R3 woke at 7 this morning, but I didn’t. She helped me and Mr. Fox take the trash down to the road and then so sweetly started begging to “wing”. She’s hard to refuse. So I made a cup of coffee and went out to swing her and enjoy the cool, quiet morning. We had a blast listening for different animals, spotting a hawk and singing songs. What a great way to start the day.

Mid-morning R1 had fun tucking the girls into the kitchen cabinets. :) They played at this for a while.

R1 and I did school while the girls played with Play-Doh. Then we all made bookmarks (for me, for Nana, for Amity, R1 made two for himself) and I laminated them.

Mr. Fox came home early and put R3 down for a nap while I fed R1 and R2 lunch. R2 and I left at 1:50 for ballet. She didn’t want to go in at first, no idea what was going on there, but finally I coaxed her in and stayed for a few minutes while she warmed up and then she was ok with me going back out to the waiting room. I’m so impressed at how well-behaved she is in class. She’s the only one who stays on her dot, pays attention and doesn’t goof off. Makes a mama proud. :)

Mr. Fox had to leave for class at 2:45, when R2 and I were leaving ballet – so R1 got his first real babysitting experience. The studio is 5 minutes from our home so he prepped R1 and then snuck out so R3 wouldn’t get upset. R2 and I got home less than 10 minutes later and she never even noticed he was gone! R1 was very proud of himself.

Dinner time, R3 asks to help. I chopped up the sweet potatoes for fries and she put them into the bowl. She wanted so badly to chop so I got her a small knife and showed her how to cut onions.

R1 has been asking me to teach him to cook so I let the kids make the meatballs for dinner.

This was huge for me. As a rule I prefer to be alone while cooking, no kids underfoot, but I know that they won’t learn that way. God has really worked on me, I mean look at that, I let the TWO year old chop onions!! :)

R1 decided he was finished after one plate and headed back outside but R2 was all about some meatballs.

Dinner was super yummy, EVERYONE liked it! Score!! After dinner R1 went to bed (he’s been staying up late and getting up early and was badly in need of some rest) and I read books to the girls. We brushed teeth, I nursed R3 while R2 crawled into bed with R1 and she WENT TO SLEEP without a fuss!!

So, to recap. I started my day outside, I let the kids make meatballs, I read to them twice, and R2 went to bed without me laying with her!

Yes. A good day indeed.

Nightweaning is Complete!

It didn’t go as I’d planned – instead of nightweaning and continuing to cosleep we moved R3’s crib into R2’s room where the bigs sleep in a double. So her crib is now next to their bed and they all.sleep.together.

No one pokes me at 2 am for “muh-muck” and I get to stretch out with Mr. Fox and it is heavenly. My kids don’t have to sleep alone and I don’t have to sleep with kids! LOL

They love it and it’s working really well (other than them all getting up at 6am).

My Princess is 4

Yesterday we got up early and went over to Seester’s to watch her Juje while she took T to the dentist. Then we met up, had lunch and took all the kids to McWane. R2 had been asking to go back to see the Mr. Potato Head exhibit ever since we went a month or two ago, so we decided that she should go for her birthday.

We spent a few hours there, went to each floor, ran around, lost a kid, had a blast and then went home. When Mr. Fox got home we loaded up and met Seester and her family at a local Mexican restaurant for R2’s birthday dinner.

As you can see, everyone but R2 had fun with the birthday hat! But she thoroughly enjoyed the ice cream and happily shared with R1 and R3.

We went home and Mr. Fox put R1 and R3 to bed while R2 and I met Seester at the Thrift Store where we spent two hours shopping. She was so pleasant and had such a grand time. She picked out two barbies (one for her and one for her sister), 2 baby dolls (same thing), 4 dresses, a pajama set, a few books and a pair of jellies. :) I also got her an Easy Bake Oven and she’s DYING to make something!

We came home and I read while she settled down in my bed. This is what she looked like when I went to bed later:

R3 Got Her First Haircut

She this straggly mullet-like baby hair thing going on and so we decided it was time for a cut. It looks so much better now but it’s SHORT! And it makes her look like such a big girl. I’m not ready for her to be a big girl (even though it doesn’t seem to matter since she’s potty-trained herself!), she’s my last, my baby!!!


After (pardon the messy face, this was taken in the middle of dinner!)

Pillow Pets

The girls got Pillow Pets yesterday. R2 chose the Unicorn and paid for it with her binky and R3 chose the Snuggly Puppy (aka PupPup or Two). We are now potty trained and binky free, people!!! And lovin’ it!

Here are a few pics I snuck in and snapped last night after they crashed.

At first R2 started crying and told me she couldn’t go to sleep without her binky but I reassured her and then told her a story about a Princess who slept on a Magical Unicorn pillow and every night she had fantastic dreams. I told her about the little princess riding to the Zoo on the back of the unicorn and how much fun they had and she said, “Is that what I am going to dream about?” I told her I didn’t know but she had to go to sleep to find out! :) She did.

R3’s Vocabulary

astounds me. As I type this she’s saying, “I hold you. GIMME HOLD YOU!!” LOL

She’s lucky she’s so cute.

There’s no way I could post her entire vocabulary, the crazy girl is speaking in paragraphs, singing songs, MAKING UP songs, dancing and just chattering away all day.

But I can post some of the good ones!

Like, how everytime she sees a bug it’s an “E B Pider” or how she says gimme ________, NOW and then adds please. “I go wimmin'” is another favorite of mine and yesterday she called chocolate “cocklate” and I lost it. I love how she says “dis mine _____” and tells everyone “I wike you hair/nose/ears/insert whatever.” She loves when I sing Beautiful Girl to her and then makes me sing it about Ry, Raeghan, myself and Daddy, too. <3 <3

She's completely potty-trained now, too, it's crazy to me to see my just-2-yo wearing panties! Oh, and she swims naked so we call her a naked tadpole, which she loves. She says anything you tell her to which makes her lots of fun!

My Baby is TWO!

Rieslin is an absolute joy. She’s funny, silly, sweet and ADORES her siblings. Anytime she gets something (chocolate, etc) she says to me, “One for Raeghan?” And she’ll repeat anything you tell her. All day today she was saying, “I’m a Diva, dude!” *snort* She’s starting repeating things Raeghan says, too, it’s so cute.

Tomorrow morning at 5:20 a.m., my sweet (and most likely last) baby will be 2. It’s bittersweet. She’s amazing and we couldn’t imagine life without her.

Ha ha ha!!

Yeah, I know it’s been a while… again. :) So I’m just gonna post a few funnies/milestones.

Ryland has been a typical first-born, bossing the others around. Trinity has, too. So, Tara started asking them, “Did you push that child out of your crotch? No? Then don’t tell her what to do.” It’s quite effective.

I have two funnies from this. I asked Ry this question in front of Chris the other night and Ry told me later that I had embarrassed him. I told him that it annoyed me when he bossed my kids around and that if he’d stop annoying me I’d stop embarrassing him. ;)

After church we were in the car and Raeghan said she wanted to go to the park. Ry told her it was too hot for the park and without missing a beat she said, “Ryland, did you push me out of your crotch?”

Chris and I were rolling.


We have squirrels in the garage. Well, they’re actually in the roof/under the dormer window but we see them in the garage. The other day I opened the door to go downstairs and there was one on the stairs and it scared the CRAP out of me. I started referring to them as Alvin, Simon and Theodore. :) The kids think this is hilarious, my sister thinks I’m a dork (but that’s ok because her dd thinks I’m funnier than she is). This morning Ry and I were giggling because Raeghan was downstairs calling the squirrels like they would come to her “Alvin!!! Simon!!! Theodore!!!”

I heart my kids.


And milestones – Ries is talking up a storm! I couldn’t list all the words/phrases if I tried. But she started saying, “uh, holdyou” this week – melt my heart.

And because I can’t post without a pic…