Funnies Take 1,345

Chris told R3 he was going to start calling her cupcake. Later that day when I called her that she said, “NO! Call me Coffee cup heart with pie and a strawberry on top” – methinks she doesnt understand the purpose of a nickname.


LMBO R3 just put a bracelet on Chris and then yanked it off and said, “Hey, you’re a boy not a girl, who gave you that bracelet?”


R2 has had a loose tooth (bottom front right, the perm one is already in behind it!) for a couple weeks. Well, today she finally yanked it out and then ran thru the house yelling, “I’m gonna get a hundred bucks!” R1 quickly informed her that she was not.


Squeezy Funnies

Walking home from Theresa’s, she pulled her arms inside her longsleeve shirt because her “hands were cold” – as she walked the sleeves swayed and she said, “Look my arm sleeves are walking!”

Then she started racing me, without saying so, she just took off running. I ran with her and when she got to a certain point she said, “I win!” I said, “oh, you do?” and she said, “Yes. If I say I win then I WIN!”

You Misunderstand Me

Papa John is visiting this week and the kids are in Heaven. I’m sure I’ll have lots of stories to share but here’s a quick R3 funny.

She was sitting on the couch with PJ and R1 came and asked him if he was going with him to play on the back porch (PJ helped them clean it last night) and he said, “ok.” He turned to R3 and said, “Are you coming?”

R3: No, I’m going to stay here.
PJ starts to get up and she puts her hand on his arm and said, “No, what I’m saying is WE’RE staying here.”

My Squeeble

Earlier I was watching Netflix on my phone and she came up and asked what I was watching. When I told her she said, “Yeah, I used to watch that when I was a grown-up.”

Then just a minute ago she was saying something to Ry and she said, “See, Raeghan.. Ryland… whatever your name is.”


Then I asked DH if he heard her and repeated it. She asked why I was laughing and I told her she was funny. She said, “I’m really funny and really pretty.. and really stinky.”

Conversation with a Three-Year-Old

R3 had a bowl of pasta salad and two links of sausage for breakfast. She came to me and said she couldn’t eat the third link. Then 2 minutes later she asked for a waffle. This is the convo that ensued:

Me: You just told me you couldn’t eat your sausage. If you can’t eat your sausage, how are you going to eat a waffle? (she’s got a bad habit of wasting food here lately)

R3: Um, with a fork!

Go ahead, laugh. I did.

R3 Funnies

I cut up a watermelon today, the kids were eating it and I heard R3 say, “Thank you, Jesus, for watermelon!!” followed by, “Thank you, Jesus, for R1 and R2.” *swoon*


A few weeks ago Seester and I were at BAM and I saw a book titled The Weird Sisters. I snapped a pic of the cover so I could look it up later. Fast forward to tonight, we were leaving church and R3 was flipping through the pictures on my phone. She came to that picture and R1 read the title. Without missing a beat, R3 said, “I’m not the weird sister! R2’s the weird sister!”

Mr. Fox and I lost it. Man, I love that kid.

I Am A Chicken Hot Dog

So it started with me lying in bed reading a book and R3 coming to crash my quiet party. I was goofing around with her and laid her on one of our king pillows and rolled her up in it saying “R3 is a hot dog!!” She got a kick out of it, made me do it a bunch more times and then started doing it to her baby. Then she got goofy and started jumping around on the bed saying, “I am a hot dog!”

I recorded her singing this on my phone and played it back – and she LOVED that so she started singing along with herself! (I’m ROFL at this point) and I ran to get my P&S so I record her:

Is there any question why life is so much fun with this kid?

Little Sillies

I was just in bed with R3, trying to get her down for a nap. She nursed for what seemed like forever, partly because she was being SO silly, and partly because I kept tickling her. :)

Her favorite song for me to sing to her is what she calls Amazing (it’s Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars) and I sang part of the chorus to her while rubbing my finger across her forehead. She butts in saying, “I got one, ‘you’re amazing, just the way you pooty head!'”

After she finished nursing she would NOT settle down. I had my head propped up on my arm, leaning over her and just shut my eyes so maybe she’d chill. She’s quiet for a few seconds and then she says, “Mommy, look, I can put two fingers in my nose” – I open my eyes and sure ’nuff, there’s a finger in each nostril. How do you NOT laugh at that?

Squeebie Quotes

R3: (pointing to rice cakes) Can I have one of those?
Me: Sure.
R3: Can I eat it in the car? I’ll give you a dollar if you let me.

(NO, I don’t bribe my kids, but methinks maybe the bigs bribe the littles!)


She asks for chocolate and if I say no she says, ‘But my belly hurts!!’


I was reading a book and she came up and said, “Don’t be mean to your book!”
Me: How am I being mean?
R3: Talk to it!
She comes over and runs her finger under the words and says, “Jesus went downstairs.”
Me: Jesus went downstairs?
R3: Yes. Now talk to your book!

(sometimes it’s like talking to an alien, I’m not sure we’re even speaking the same language! LOL)

Me: You’re cute!
R3: NO, I’m Rieslin!!