November Notables (FB Posts)

Nov 18:

R4 tried to nurse from R1!!

Nov 23:

R2 said she would forfeit her 4 things for Christmas (something want/need/wear/read) if she could have one of those plastic figures to put in the yard to decorate. This kid.

Nov 25:

Remy loves her El-o panties so much she has to wear them outside her clothes, too.

Nov 27:

Remy just told me “No, ma’am!” when I took the seat out of the van that she was trying to sit on.

R1 is playing Halo with R4. He shot her and she fell down. She pointed at the screen and said, “Uh oh, ee dead.” This is what happens when you have a big brother.

Nov 28:

Decorating the tree…
Raeghel: It needs more lights!
Chris: No, it’s fine.
R2: You don’t understand.
Chris: I do understand, you have an obsession.

Silly Girls

R3 has an Ariel cup and told R2 to guess the color of Ariel’s eyes. R2 starts naming colors and R3 keeps saying no. R2 says, “black” and R3 says, “No, that would just be creepy!” LOL



R3: I don’t know, but I just don’t think Scooby Doo is the right thing to watch when you’re sick.



R3: Mommy, Ry said to read my book somewhere else or in my head but it’s no FUN when I read it in my head!



r3: I want a punch buggy.
G: Why, they only fit 4 people!
r3: Well, it will be me, my husband and 2 kids.
Me: You’re only having 2 kids, huh?
r3: Well, if I have more I’ll just get a bigger car!



On the way to the beach yesterday the kids noticed the McGuire’s bus…

r3: Did you see those people?
T: Yeah they’re not real.
r3: Mommy are they real?
Me: No, honey, they’re mannequins.
r3: But the driver WAVED!!!



r3 to R4: I love you baby, I would never hurt you. You are my precious! I would never drop you off of a cliff that was twenty hundred feet high. If you fell off a mountain that was twenty hundred feet high I would jump off and save you. Because I loooooove you!!!!



r3: Mom, what can I do other than draw and eat bacon all day?



r3: They didn’t say “Welcome to Moe’s” when we came in!
Me: Hmm, I didn’t notice.
(another couple walks in and they all yell “Welcome to Moe’s”)
r3: I don’t think they like us!



r3 is packing her bag to sleep over at Tara’s. She’s having a conversation with her stuffed animal, who is insisting it won’t fit in her bag.

r3: Yes, you will fit, believe in yourself! I believe in you!



r3: Mommy, I’m still hungry but I don’t want to get up.
Me: I’m sorry, what are you going to do about that?
r3: (being all sweet and giggly) Are you thinking what I’m thinking?
Me: Probably not.
r3: Would you please be a GOOD mommy and go and get me something else to eat?
Me: I’m a pregnant, sick mommy and you’re on your own.



r3: I’m an artist!
Me: you are, huh?
r3: Yes! I can paint you a horse…after you draw it.



r3: This is my doctor bag. In case someone is bleeding, I can give them some hand sanitizer.


A Week with J

J: Am I going home today?
Me: No, tomorrow.
J: *sad, pouty face*
Me: But you said you wanted to stay here forever and never go home.
J: *HUGE smile* Oh yeah, I forgot!!!


“Aunt Christi, I want to Remy to give me a kiss but every time I open my mouth like this (demonstrates open mouth) she puts a puzzle piece in it!!”


J has taken R2’s place in TKD class. She LOVES it. Yesterday they learned to break paper with their fists. My phone wigged out and I didn’t get this on video but when J broke the paper she flung herself into R3’s arms, wrapping her legs about R3’s waist and they squealed and spun. It was awesome.

Shut It!

Mr. Fox’s FB status tonight:

Here’s how my phone conversation started tonight with the sweetest little girl I know…

Me: Hello?
R3: Hey Daddy.
Me: Hey sweetheart.
R3: Hold on…
R3: Sorry, had to tell them to be quiet ’cause I’m on the phone with you.

Sweet Kids

R1: Mommy, I think Daddy needs you.
Me: He’ll call me if he needs me.
R1: But he’s throwing up! He needs you!
Me: Adults don’t really need anyone when they throw up.
R2: What? Why NOT?
Me: Because we’re adults, we can handle it. There’s really not much anyone can do.

They’re so confused as to why I didn’t jump up and run in to help like I do when THEY are sick. <3

Pfft… She’s A Hoot

Mr. Fox: It’s Fathers day tomorrow and I have a list of things for y’all to do. R1 is going to put on a new roof, R2 is going to cut the grass, and R3is going to vacuum the pool.
R2: Sweet, I want to cut the grass!
Mr. Fox: With scissors.
R2: I’ll vacuum the pool.
Mr. Fox: Ries is going to do it with a straw…
R2: Aaaannnnd we’re back to the grass….

ROFL I love that kid <3

Vulcan, Frozen and Screaming

This morning we went on a field trip with our homeschool friends to Vulcan. It was fun and the kids (well, R1 and R3) enjoyed taking the elevator to the top. The house was being shown from 12-2 so we accepted Seester’s invitation to see Frozen in 3D at the dollar theater. I dropped Nana and the kids off and R4 and I went next door to Bargain Hunt where I scored a shirt for R3 for $.30 and a Woombie fo $10 (but it’s too small :( ).

Afterwards we headed back to the theater and nursed in the parking lot.


I tried, unsuccessfully, to get R4 to sleep in my arms but since she was smiling and talking to me I missed the window and all of a sudden she was overtired and angry.


I got out and wrapped her and went to stand on the sidewalk around the theater since it was misting and chilly. She yelled at me while I bounced for a good 10 minutes. She would NOT let me tuck her head in and so she continued to overstimulate herself. Finally I cupped my hands on each side of her face and shh’d into her ear and she zonked right out. But while I was doing all of that this nice older lady drove past, turned around and came back to ask me if I needed something for the baby! I nicely replied, “No, thank you” but according to Aunt S I missed an opportunity. She says I should have said, “Yes, diapers!” ROFL


My BBF’s son had a minor/quick tummy bug at the beginning of the week. Then they came to play and the next day her other son woke up sick… so when I woke up with nausea I thought nothing of it. Until the next day when I still had it and realized that it went away when I ate something or burped… and then I realized those are my pregnancy symptoms… so I tested.

#4 will be here the beginning of February!!

Kid Funnies Take #4,087

We pulled into our neighborhood and the first yard had it’s sprinkler system on – Ries says, “Oh no! Their sprinklers are on and no one is out to play in them!”


R2: How do you eat cake with a spoon, Ries, you must be talented!


Ries asked me what her bday gift is today and I told her I don’t have one yet (miscounted!). So she starts scrolling through all the pictures she took on my phone of the things she wants at Target and says, “It’s all about Barbies. All about Barbies, I’m telling you.”


R3’s bedtime kiss goes like this (this is her kissing me, every night): lips, cheek, cheek, nose, chin, forehead, eye, eye… then butterfly kiss in each eye and eskimo kiss and tonight she added rubbing foreheads and then rubbing cheeks.


Ries sets her cup on the floor and I tell her that’s not a good place for it. She says, “Then where do I put it?
Me: Over on the table.
Her: But then I have to get up and walk all the way over there! (a whole ft)


Me: Man, Barbie’s live better than I do.
Ry: No, they live in a box until someone buys them and then throws them on the floor.


Then, he pulls out his new toy thing and says, ” he has no pants! Look, little alien butt cheeks!”


2012 Elf Plan

Turn everyone shoes into superhero shoes
Magic Elf Seeds
Type /write an amazing letter of all the wonderful qualities your Elf has witnessed of your child!
Sew on sewing machine
Cover a room with Post-it notes on EVERY wall
Cut out toy pictures from toy catalog
Try on mom’s jewelry
Create a scavenger hunt for the kids with clues leading to mischief
Turn all the kitchen chairs backwards
Fill room with lots of balloons or hang them from ceiling
Create a mask & cape out of paper/cloth – Super Elf! Perhaps he can be hanging from the ceiling by fishing line.