Constantly Amazed (R4 is 6 Months!)

Our wonderful little bundle is now 6 months old!


It blows my mind but Remy wakes up mostly dry every morning and FILLS the potty. There’s maybe one pee in her overnight diaper! I haven’t changed a poopy diaper all week! She goes in the potty first thing in the morning.

She’s just so wonderful. Her siblings fight over who gets to hold her, potty her, change her diaper – they’re still mesmerized. Everything she does is adorable!

Elimination Communication or EC

I did this a bit with both girls when they were between 2 and 6 months but I wasn’t very consistent. They both ended up potty learning around 2-2.5.

This time I don’t have a toddler to chase so I’m going to give it another go. Right now we are just working on learning her cues and teaching her ours by laying her on a towel bare-bottomed when she’s awake. The kids think it’s hysterical.

There have been many books and blogs written on the subject so I’m just going to link some for my future reference and yours if you’re interested:

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