2013 Memories

I found some things I had written down and want to put them in a safe place so I’m putting them here.


At the McWane gift shop R3 picks up a gorilla w/a baby on it’s back and says, “Aw, look it has a champoo on it’s back!”

Feb 2013


I was making up silly words to a song we sing and R3 joined in. When I laughed she said, “R1 and R2 don’t always think I’m funny.” Typical youngest-born, wants everyone to laugh at her jokes.

R3 learned to whistle.

R3: Mommy, when you change the station in the car does it change in ALL the cars?
Me: No
R3: I don’t understand how the radio works.


R1 and R2 won 3rd place in the Science Fair!


To JoNell – R3: My name means Princess Warrior, so I can kick my brothers butt!”


Mr. Fox took R3 into the men’s bathroom at Pizza Hut.

R3: I wish you were a girl.
Mr Fox: If I were a girl I couldn’t be your Daddy.
R3: Well, you could dress up in girl clothes!

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