2 Months Old!


I can’t believe she’s two months old already. Time truly does fly by. We are all SO in love with our sweet R4, she’s a joy. She’s pretty laid back but also makes sure her needs are met. She’s not very fond of the car, especially in the evenings so we stay home after 4 or so, but I don’t mind. She loves to be worn and rocked – her big brother loves to wear her for her naps. She coos and talks to Daddy more than anyone else. This week she has discovered her hands and makes funny faces when she sucks on them (if you see us please refrain from touching her hands, it makes Mommy a little nuts ;) ).


We’ve seen the Chiropractor at least once a week since she was born and it has made such a difference. She’s still got some kinks to work out but progress is definitely being made. How I wish I’d known the magic of the chiro when R1 and R2 were babies!


Oh how we love the faces this baby girl makes! She’s quite entertaining.

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