It Snowed…

Yesterday it snowed. Usually if it snows all the schools close and businesses close and everyone stays home because we know we are not equipped to deal with snow. The forecast called for “possible flurries” so when I headed out to my OB appt at 10:20 I just assumed those flurries I saw weren’t going to stick and would most likely peter out before we even got back home.

I left the OB’s office at 11:07, got home at 3 – y’all I live 5 MILES from the OB’s office! I got halfway home and the road was closed – had to backtrack and go around. We sat in traffic for hours. Barely moving. We were all hungry and had to pee. I had no water and 2 snacks with me. Cars were in ditches, people were walking. Then about .3 miles from my house the hill was impassable and I had to leave my van and walk up a steep hill through the woods practically dragging my 5yo so she wouldn’t fall to get home. I hadn’t peed in THREE AND A HALF hours, nor had any food or water. I stepped in a hole and fell because we were climbing up a ravine to avoid walking on the dangerous road – I felt like I was in a horror movie, trying to watch my step and keep an eye on all three kids. It was scary. Did I mention I am 38 weeks pregnant? :)

Schools were cancelled and so were buses so the roads were flooded with first-time snow drivers trying to get their kids. Do you see where this is going? Kids had to sleep at school and hundreds of people slept in their cars because you can’t drive up a hill or mountain in AL in the snow and the roads are jammed with accidents and abandoned vehicles.

It was not a good day and even today I still feel raw from the stress. Tomorrow it’s finally supposed to get above freezing so the snow/ice will melt and then maybe I can go and get my van.

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