I Like to Do Things Backwards…

We’re moving to FL! ROFL

After lots of prayer and discussion, Mr. Fox applied for a job in FL (Panhandle). We both really felt that God wanted us to do this so when he was offered the position he took it. He’s staying with my mom and her husband and working 10 hour days so he can be home on the weekend (3.5 hour drive) to work on the house (which was MUCH further from sell-ready than we realized). It’s been an adventure, for sure. In fact, he just had his 90-day review and we haven’t even listed the house yet!

I really didn’t think it would take this long but I’ve realized that God’s theme in this is “Trust me, I’ve got this.” And He knows us SO well! LOL

We’re close. Praying we’ll be listing by next weekend. For a few weeks there something went wrong every weekend when Mr. Fox came home and it just added to our list. But we’ve finally finished the basement (WOOT!) and have learned so many lessons (mainly that when you reap laziness you sow lots of work! LOL ) and what not to do in the future. :)

We miss him terribly during the week but know it’s only for a short time. The kids are excited and sad, as am I. I will miss my friends (family, really) here terribly and the idea of having a newborn without these wonderful people around me scares the crap out of me. But I have to trust in God’s plan for us. He’s got this.

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