Glad This Day Is Over

Monday, on the way back from my psych. appt. my van died in the middle of Hwy 31. Just stopped getting gas. Mr. Fox came and picked me up and when he went back to get it later, he took the gas cap off and it started up. He said he thought it must’ve been a God thing because otherwise he wouldn’t have noticed that my front tire was bald and going to blow any minute. He had the tires replaced and the van seemed fine. (Remember, the van is a ’94).

Last night, I went to leave and it wouldn’t crank. He jumped it off and all was well.

I loaded up the kids this morning and we headed to Aldridge Gardens for a photo shoot, left there and came back home for some quiet time before R2’s gymnastics class at 3:30. At 3 we loaded up and it wouldn’t start. Mr. Fox came home and jumped it off again, we discovered one of the connections needed to be tightened and he took care of that.

I dropped the bigs at gymnastics and R3 and I went next door to CVS. Van started up fine. So I headed down to get gas since it was low and there was still 20 minutes left in R2’s class. Pumped gas, van wouldn’t start. I asked the not-so-thrilled stranger to jump it off and he grudgingly did. I got about 1/2 a mile up the road and it did the same thing it did Monday, only it actually DIED as I pulled off the road into a parking lot about 3 blocks from the Gym.

I text Mr. Fox, call Seester to come get us and call the gym so my kids don’t freak out. Seester takes me home to get the other battery and Mr. Fox leaves class to meet us there and see if changing out the battery would work. In the meantime, we are late for AWANA (starting to think someone doesn’t want me to make it tonight) so we put the carseats in the car and I leave Mr. Fox with the van.

Turns out it’s the fuel filter and my van will be sitting there until Friday afternoon when Mr. Fox and Seester’s dh can go and fix it. I’m so relieved that it wasn’t anything major but soooo done with the stress of it all.

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