My Bagel is So Funny

Last night she went with Seester to look at cars and run errands. At one of the dealerships they went inside and the owner had two small dogs (Dachshund and Yorkie) and R2 fell in love. She asked Seester if the Dachshund was a boy or girl and when Seester told her boy she asked how she knew that. Seester told her because she could see his penis – and explained when asked that it was on his belly. The man there looked at Seester like she was crazy, of course (we’re used to that) and then R2 asked where the vulva would be and Seester told her under the tail. R2 lifted up the Yorkie she was holding and said, “Oh that’s not a bellybutton, it’s a penis!” Seester and the man found that hilarious and Seester agreed that, yes, they were both males.

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