Ant Madness

When she was about 18mo R3 got into an ant bed at Seesters and had them all up her shirt and in her pants. She never made a peep. I SAW the ants and acted and really, even with a ton of bites she never had the slightest reaction.

Well, yesterday she got into ants in our yard. Two bites on her hand, one on her wrist and 5-6 on her shin/ankle/foot. I gave her Benadryl right after and then noticed it was really swollen last night. Her hand was huge.

Well, this morning it’s even bigger.

Pictures don’t do it justice. She can hardly close her hand. I’ve never seen anything like it! I popped them, put medicine on them and called to speak to a nurse at the Allergist’s office. She said to give her Benadryl every 6 hours for the next 24 hours coupled with Motrin and she is calling in a steroid cream to put on the spots. She said if it’s not significantly better tomorrow to bring her in.

I know that subsequent reactions can be the worst if there is a true allergy but she said really all we can do is watch for anaphylaxis. Good thing I have epi-pens.

I’m going to take her in tomorrow if it’s not better. But at least she’s not sad about it:

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