I’ll Never Forget

Saturday night R1 and I spent the night with my friend Roxie. Her two sons are friends with R1 and we thought since her DH was out of town it would be a great opportunity for us to hang out and let the boys try a sleepover.

It occured to me halfway through the night, when R1 looked at me like I was crazy when I told him that most kids spend the night without their moms, that my child has a much better life than I did. :) I was trying to explain to him how most kids do the sleepover thing and he said, “Why? It’s more fun with you here.” I said, “It won’t be long before you won’t want me to tag along” and he said, without missing a beat, “I’ll never not want you to come.”


Boys are such sweet little monsters. They had so much fun (and us moms did, too) playing, snacking and watching movies. They got to stay up late, have root beer (au naturale) with dinner AND two rice krispy treats (homemade). It was a great night.

Here’s a pic I snapped of the boys watching a movie before bed.

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