Prozac, Wherefore Art Thou?


I was dumb and didn’t get my doc to fix my Rx with Walgreens and my insurance won’t let me refill until the 15th, so here I sit on day two of no meds and I wonder how awful tomorrow will be. I fear I may have to beg the Pharmacist for 6 pills.

The good thing is that this reminds me how badly I need my thyroid checked. I was diagnosed with a goiter that has never been “active.” But, I say that knowing that I rarely have it checked. A sweet friend recently told me that they have changed the levels for what is “normal” and referred me to a GOOD Endocrinologist. So I guess I’ll be making an appt first thing tomorrow. I’m starting to think part of my issues aren’t “depression” or “anxiety” but hormonal.

I skipped out on AWANA tonight, even though the kids were upset about it, because the idea of dealing with it made me want to crawl in a hole. Let’s pray that tomorrow is a good day, that the pharmacist calls me and tells me my meds are ready, and that I get in to see this Endo asap.

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